So you’re working out? Well done! You might be doing it for physical reasons, mental health reasons, or both. Either way, are you making sure your hair and skin are benefitting too? (Yah that takes the biscuit as the most cheesy intro I’ve done lol)

I’m sure most of the following will be pretty obvious but, if you’re finding your hair or skin is suffering post-workout, or you need some new product inspo, I hope I can help!

Hair Tips

Usually, my hair is just an annoying accessory to my work out; it gets tangled, it gets dirty and it makes me feel hotter. However, with the aid of the following products, I’ve got into some sort of a routine to help my hair benefit the most from my workout, and make that obligatory hair wash after not damage my hair.

Deep conditioning/hair oil treatment

One of my favourite things to do is run a deep conditioning mask (like the Coco and Eve Like A Virgin mask) or hair oil (like ByErim Luxury Hair Oil).


Leaving on deep conditioning treatments on for a longer period of time will usually help the product work more efficiently. Couple this with the heat produced from the exercise, products like oil will really start to work deeply. Plus, your hair wash has a bit more of a benefit (well, that’s what I like to tell myself).

My last review was on the ByErim Luxury Oil, here, and I love it. It’s already an ace product, but doing a deep massage and treatment before exercise is a win-win.

Plus, while we’re all working out at home, really take advantage of lathering the product on. 


My hair is long-ish, and having even a strand in my face is infuriating. So, I like to take advantage of cute styles that keep hair off my face. Added benefits ofc include: less knotting/tangling of hair which means less breakage, keeps the product in your hair secure and obvs cute hair.


not my best, but ygm

My favourite hairstyle is two dutch braids as it keeps your hair out of your face, and is quite an easy hairstyle to manage at the gym. Buns are also very good, though it will probably require a pretty tight ponytail, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to repair and improve your hair.


Skincare is soooo important before, during and after working out! 


Cleansing your skin effectively before you work out and moisturising is really key. Working out with dirty skin, and then sweating on top, is not going to help your skin breathe or stay blemish-free. I’m still a big fan of the Soap And Glory Face Soap And Clarity (review here). Your sweat is also dehydrating your skin, so don’t skip a solid moisturiser.

I like to use a hydrating moisturiser like the No7 Essential Moisture Day Cream, or, if I need to keep a matte look, my ultimate fave Simple Daily Skin Detox All Day Mattifying Moisturiser (review here, old packaging and formula, but I still love!).


Whilst I always put some SPF on, if I’m going for a run, I double make sure I do. My fave is still the Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+, review here.


I suppose the main point I have is: DON’T. TOUCH. YOUR. FACE. Do I have to tell you how many germs exist at the gym? Ew.

I don’t think I need to say anymore.


Cleanse! Tone! Moisturise!

It’s really important to effectively rid your skin of sweat and grime that’s built up during your workout, obviously.

Like I mentioned, your skin is probably both oily/sweaty and dehydrated after your workout. My fave cleanser for this kinda situation is the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser With Aloe Vera. I received a small size in an ASOS Skincare Box, and just order two full-size bottles bc I love it so much! It’s a creamy cleanser that is made to balance your skin out. It’s really hydrating, leaving my skin soft but also clean.


I also like to tone with my Pixi Glow Tonic, another blameitonthebeauty blog fave (you guessed it: review here). I really only like to use a toner a few times a week now, usually only post work-out, just to ensure my skin is fully clean.

Then, ofc, a good moisturiser. I usually go for one of the two I mentioned earlier – not too fussy atm.

Now go get your sweat on! Or don’t, Netflix is looking pretty tempting too…


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