Long-time, no see! Now that I’m done with university and I have a bit more time on my hands, I hope to be doing some more blog posts, woo! My first post back is one that’s taken some time to get to do because I obvs only have one face and only moisturise twice a day. But, here’s my moisturiser low-down on what I’ve been using over the past few months and whether I think it’s oily-combo/acne-prone skin approved.

If you’ve read here before, you know my holy grail moisturiser was the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser. Sometime earlier this year, though, they decided to discontinue it as it was being released later on in the year with a new formula and branding. The quest to find a new replacement began immediately.

NB: I’ve since bought and used the new Simple Daily Detox moisturiser and it’s actually the same, if not better, than the first one – I’m a happy bunny and the quest is complete!

Now, for the moisturiser lowdown…

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser

moisturisr - clean and clear

This was my first port of call considering Clean & Clear is one of the go-to brands for acne treatments and skincare products. This moisturiser was also oil-free which, for my sometimes oily forehead, was a good sign.

Verdict: it was…okay? It definitely didn’t prevent my oily forehead as much as the Simple moisturiser and it smelt kinda clinical. It claims to prevent spots too but I’m not so sure as I definitely had breakouts during my time using it but I don’t know if they were reduced by the moisturiser.

Recommend?: potentially… if Simple was sold out.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Moisturiser

moisturiser - neutrogena

Again, just seemed to tick the boxes I needed – oil-free and spot prevention. Really good price point too (~£5) and had stellar reviews online.

Verdict: lovely moisturiser for anything but oily skin! This moisturiser felt really soft and smooth on the skin, smelt lovely and I do think benefitted my skin. But you needed a lot of product to moisturise your face properly and my forehead would get quite oily throughout the day. I don’t have the oiliest of foreheads by far, so I really think this could be quite a bad choice for someone that has solely oily skin.

Recommend?: yeah, if you don’t have really oily skin.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturiser

moisturiser - ole henriksen

Ole Henriksen had just dropped in Boots and I had a gift card I needed to use so I gotta splash that cash, right? I bought this as a night moisturiser, though they recommend to use it day and night.

Verdict: love it, and I hate that I love it because it’s so luxury! Feels great on the skin and leaves me waking up with hydrated and healthy skin. Smells absolutely awful though but that goes away quite quickly.

Recommend?: definitely! Really good moisturiser for rejuvenating your skin. Probably wouldn’t recommend as a daytime moisturiser for anyone with combo to oily skin.

Nivea Pure & Natural Soothing Day Cream

moisturisr - nivea

Picked this up as a cream to put on some sunburn and ended up being a daily moisturiser for days in.

Verdict: definitely soothing and calming on the skin and smelt wonderful! I enjoyed wearing this on days off as it left me with hydrated skin but nothing too oily. Wore this moisturiser primarily to the gym as well and it was great.

Recommend?: yup, just maybe not if you’re very oily.

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

moisturiser - clinique 1

Received this in an ASOS Clinique box and tested it out over a few months.

Verdict: really hydrating and quick-drying on the skin. I usually used this after a face mask when I wanted a super-surge of hydration for my skin and it really worked! I thought my face would be too oily for this but it dried down so quick that it really left me matte for the day.

Recommend?: 100%, it’s a lovely formula and great for the skin.

Clinique Moisture Surge

moisturiser - clinique 2

Also received in the ASOS Clinique box.

Verdict: it’s super hydrating and tbh too much for oily skin. I also used this after face masks for that burst of hydration but really couldn’t wear it out all day. The formula was really refreshing though.

Recommend?: mainly for dryer skin, or as an intense boost of hydration after masks or during the colder months.

Hope you enjoyed this read and can maybe find a new moisturiser for you!


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