I have a new skincare fave! I’ve been loyally testing out the Pixi Glow Tonic since it hit Boots and, spoiler, I’m loving it.

It’s always risky for me, with my sensitive and acne-prone skin, to try out new skincare or just change my routine in general. But, thankfully, it really paid off and I would love to recommend it to you guys.

The Pixi Glow Tonic has been raved about by beauty bloggers for a long time and I’ve always wanted to try it out. Once I saw it at Boots, I picked up the smaller bottle (didn’t want to make the commitment obvs) and began testing it! This was roughly 5 months ago…


The Glow tonic acts as a toner in my skincare routine, morning and night. So, once I’ve cleansed my face with my S&G Cleanser, I’m good to glow! I get about 4-5 drops of the tonic onto my cotton pad and rub it all over my face. It doesn’t irritate my skin and my skin feels super soft, glowy (duh!) and clean after. I then go on to moisturise. I’ve used it this way the whole time and it works really well for me (and I can’t think of any other way to use it tbh).

The price point is slightly annoying, with the 100ml bottle at £10 and the 250ml bottle at £18. Although, I find skincare is one of the places where slightly splashing the cash is beneficial if you want high-quality products. Having said that, my 100ml bottle has lasted me well over the past 5 months, and seeing as I’m just over halfway, should take me through to the summer comfortably! £18 doesn’t seem like too bad of an investment.



How much I have left…

I would highly recommend this toner if you’re looking for a glowy toner, or potentially try out one of the others if it suits your needs better! In the UK, Pixi is sold at Boots, M&S and so many places online.


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