Really not clickbait guys, I did! I created my own eyeshadow palette that is legit for sale (and you can too!). Find (and purchase) my palettes at my Beautonomy store. If you want to purchase my palette, any singles, or any of the other amazing palettes, purchase through this link and save 20%!

So, using a site called Beautonomy, I created an eyeshadow palette and it is now up for sale in my shop.

First, I’ll do a quick dive into the palette and then let you know how you can do the same!

🍊The first palette I’ve created is called ‘concentrate.’ (edgy, I know) and it’s an orange themed palette. I’ve got plenty of palettes but the one colour seriously lacking was orange and the website had the most awesome orange shade.



I chose the four-pan palette and picked 3 more shades that would perfectly compliment the shade. Here’s a gorgeous and simple look that I created using all four shades:



Now I hope that you’ve fallen in love with it, you either want to create yours or maybe you want to purchase mine!

The shades are super pigmented, very workable and have minimal fallout (though you will need to tap off the excess).

My store is linked here and the ‘concentrate.’ palette retails for £14. I’ve also created two more palettes, a pure glitter palette and a blush palette!

Screenshot 2My Beautonomy Store018-12-21 at 19.30.42

My Beautonomy Store

Now, for how to create your own! Beautonomy has various different palette sizes which can contain eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlighter or a combination of a few. The prices are affordable, especially as you’re getting to create your own unique palette. As they are a start-up, they’re not taking many orders during the Christmas season, and not all of the palettes are available to customise but defo take a look in the New Year!

Then, you can choose from a variety of shades and change the shade names if you wish. I kept mine the same so that people could repurchase/use the same shades in their own palette if they want.

Then you can create the imaging outside of the product, its name and any slogan you want under the mirror (yes, the palette comes with a good sized mirror too!).

You’re all done!

It’s a super fun process and lets you be your own little influencer that got a makeup deal!

The palette will come to you empty and the shadows will come in their individuals packaging. They are magnetic so you can pop them into your palette once you’ve received it (and take them out and replace with others as you wish!).

Hope you check out my palettes and let me know if you get one! I cannot recommend them highly enough for great customer service and a great product (#notsponIpromise).



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