Wow, that was a long break away! I’ve been super busy with uni but I’m finally back to play with makeup!

I recently purchased the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows made in collaboration with Make-A-Wish. At the time I bought them, Colourpop was a risky site to buy from because the shipping costs and customs fees could be huge. After such amazing reviews though, I’ve been desperate to try them. They retail for $5.00 which is about £4.00… bargain. Plus, 20% of the profits from this collection go to Make-A-Wish until 11 Jan 2019.

The idea behind this collab was one girl’s, Delilah, wish to create makeup. The collection includes some shadows and lipglosses. For such a good cause, I thought I’d take the risk and order two of the shadows – DJ (left) and Cherish (right), as I wanted to keep the shop <£15 to avoid customs fees. Luckily, v recently, Colourpop has included VAT in the prices and waived customs fees so us UK shoppers can shop til we drop… woo!!

Firstly, these shadows are gorgeous! The colours do as they say and sparkle so bright. They’re a very creamy and soft formula (as you can see I’ve completely ruined the cute pattern on both but only used it a handful of times) but, they glide on to the lid amazingly, regardless of whether there are shadows underneath or just eye primer.


I find the best way to apply these is with your ring finger for best colour pay off and control of the shadow.

The colour lasts all day long and I could not recommend these more highly! The Super Shock Shadows outside of this collection are of the same formula so I recommend them all, whichever colour is your choice. The two colours I picked are also great for my skin tone and pop just as much.

Here’s some swatches with and without flash:

If you’ve been desperate to try out Colourpop, these are a great place to start!




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