HOLY GRAIL! This concealer is by far the best concealer I’ve ever used and I have repurchased time and time again. Absolutely the best concealer for using, especially under the eye and I cannot recommend it more.

This concealer has been a holy grail for makeup users for many years and recently Maybelline has expanded their shades. Maybelline says that the Instant Age Rewind is super-concentrated. Super radiant. Instantly erase dark circles, cover up puffy eyes and hide fine lines.I can totally attest to these claims! It contains Goji Berry and Haloxyl. Haloxyl is primarily used in eye products as it can soothe eye bags and reducing dark circles. So, it makes a great under-eye concealer and I find it corrects my under-eye area perfectly.


I use the shade Nude, which was there before they redid their shade range. The shade I would use with the current shade range to use under my eye (so a brighter shade) would most likely be Light.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 14.22.08

Source: Maybelline (x)

This concealer works with every foundation I’ve ever used (of which none have been Maybelline) and have had varying finishes. The concealer has never creased on me and doesn’t even need to be set with a powder, personally. However, I always bake under my eye anyway to brighten it and some people may need to set any concealer with powder anyway.

Another really innovative thing about this product that I love is the applicator. It’s a really soft sponge-like applicator that can conceal around hard to reach areas and fits nicely under the eye. It distributes the product evenly and isn’t harsh on the under-eye area.


It retails for £8.99 at Boots but, as it’s Maybelline, is sold all over the place! I have gone through one bottle of this, and am almost finished with my second with the third having been purchased ages ago as a back-up – so it’s fair to say I really love this product and swear by it!


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