It’s by far the hottest cheap makeup brand around at the moment, with highly recommended products, so I thought I’d order myself a small bundle to test out Revolution Beauty.

I decided to order from Revolution Beauty’s website, which meant I had access to all their sub-brands and ordered a few products from a lot of them to get a full sense of the brand.

Below is the rundown of what I bought, how much for (at time of purchase) and my take after testing them for almost a month.

*There’s also an up to 50% summer sale on rn (18/6) on some items so it’s a good time to try it out for yourself!!

I ordered 9 items which came to £36, after money off for reaching £35 and I got an additional 10th item for free for spending over £30! To compare, I also recently got the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette which retails for £37 – clear value for money at Revolution Beauty!

Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer (Original) – £2.50

This purchase was absolutely not necessary seeing as I love my Benefit Eye Primer. However, at £22, it’s not one I want to repurchase so I thought I’d try the Revolution one out at a fraction of the price.

It works! It’s really similar to the Benefit one, though slightly more liquidy which makes it harder to stick to the lid. I still find it really effective though as long as you press it into the lid, rather than swipe it. It also needs a minute or so to dry down more but my eyeshadow stayed very much in place and will be repurchased!


Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick (Red Carpet) – £2.70

What a let down :(! Unfortunately, this lipstick wasn’t everything I’d hope it would be.

When I saw it on the website I instantly fell in love with the rose gold packaging (obvs) but couldn’t go for the highly recommend nude shade as it would’ve been too light for me. Having already been on the hunt for a new red I took a chance on it and it wasn’t all I hope it’d be.

The colour wasn’t very strong, and there was shimmer in the lipstick which is a personal pet peeve! The lipstick wasn’t very long lasting either and became patchy v quickly and eventually gone within the hour (and I hate reapplying lipstick).

For the price, I guess it’s to be expected, but won’t be reaching for this when wanting a red lip.


Freedom Makeup London Blush Professional Pro Blush 1 (Rare) – £1.00

Firstly, what a price! This blush is fantastic. Such a good steal and the pan size is generous so this is an easy blush to use for a long time, and easily pop into a travel makeup bag.

The pigment is incredibly strong so I would use with a light hand and is very much a blush I would focus on the apples of the cheeks, rather than sweeping back.

It’s also quite a bright colour so slight caution is needed for deeper skin tones.



Revolution Brow Arch Enhancing Stick – £1.50

Okay, I actually lol’d when I saw this, but then I saw the price and thought why not (seeing as I wanted to get over the threshold for the free palette!).

It’s actually really good! I usually don’t put concealer under my brow bone because I don’t think it really does much and I find highlighter looks really weird. Somehow though, this creamy, matte and light shaded stick does enhance the brows and brings the brow bone forward in a completely natural way.

I usually have ‘no-makeup’ days (so basically just mascara and filling in the front of one of my pesky brows) and this is now a part of this routine!

**edit** Unfortunately, I realised that this is no longer sold on Revolution Beauty. They are being sold on Amazon so if you really want it, this might be a good place to check out.


Revolution Brow Pomade (Graphite) – £6.00

We now hit the pricier items (yet still so reasonably priced). I’ve always been a brow pencil kinda gal because I like the control. Though, I do like trying brow products and have never tried a pomade and thought, at this price, why not try it out.

It’s meh…. I think it may work better if there is more eyebrow to fill in and you want to create shape. However, with my eyebrows, I just need to fill in the very front of one of my eyebrows which takes just one or two strokes of the product. With the pomade, I just couldn’t get that precise.

The product does come with a brush which is helpful and not too bad of a brush to use (though buying a separate one will obvs be better).


Revolution Terracotta Baking Powder – £5.00

This is the first not-so-obvious dupe that Revolution Beauty has. They have this baking powder in ‘Banana’ (!) and ‘Terracotta’. Seeing as I did all my shopping online (because when is everything not sold out in store) and I wasn’t sure if the Banana would be too light.

So, I went with Terracotta and it’s too dark and orangey for me. Having said that though, as an avid baker, it really does a good job. I tried doing one under eye bake with my usual peachy-toned baking powder and another with this one and it performed just as well. Also, rather than brightening my under eye, it just evened the tone out which could be useful if I’m trying to not do a heavy makeup look with v bright under eyes.

I would recommend this but think the Banana powder would be better suited if I repurchased. Having said that, the tub is so big for the price, I can’t see anyone needing to repurchase.


Revolution Pro Liquid Drop Foundation Brush – £7.00

Again, a purchase to reach the higher price because I really really don’t need any more brushes. But, it’s a winner! I don’t actually use liquid drop foundation, just plain liquid foundations, but it works really well to give a slightly sheerer coverage and the brush is soft yet dense.

Could perhaps be a pound or so cheaper, but I can’t really complain!



Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette (Trends Azure) – £8.00

This is such a good palette at a really good price point! I thought the marbling effect was so beautiful and I didn’t yet have many blue eyeshadow shades so I thought I’d try this palette out and it did not disappoint.

It’s super pigmented and lasts all day (as long as I’ve got my primer on!) and the shades blend really well separately as well as into each other.



Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (C12.5) – £4.00

Yet another good dupe! Whilst I’ve not used Tarte Shape Tape, this is a really good concealer and I’m sure just as good as Shape Tape. Unfortunately, by buying it online, I got a slightly too dark colour to use under my eye. But it matches my skin well so I’m using on top of areas I’ve colour corrected to match my foundation.

The doe foot applicator is really big so it’s really handy for applying to large sections, but can also be used really precisely if you want to contour or highlight with it.


Revolution Bold as Brass Palette – FREE!

This palette has a great highlight for darker skin tones and for free, I really can’t complain. It’s a super handy palette, with eyeshadow shades in the centre. I’m not too crazy about the eyeshadows but they’re still really pigmented and blendable.

If the palette was for sale at the time, I probably wouldn’t have bought it unless it was under £5.

**edit** Again, not for sale on the website! Many apologies!




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